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    Here at Alexandria Demolition, we have learnt to take our innate, boyish fascination for anything explosive and loud and channel it into a professional, trusted and successful business. This wasn’t an easy task, but we have gathered a tonne of experience along the way which makes us the number one demolition agency in the Alexandria area. Whether it is residential or commercial, building or industrial structure, we have the equipment and the necessary expertise to offer a top quality service. In the Alexandria area, you don’t need to look any further for all of your demolition needs.

    From building demolition to property demolition, we are excavators and demolition contractors who always get the job done. Please feel free to read through our website for all of our service details, contact information and everything else!

    Our Services

    As demolition contractors, we have not specifically designed the range of services that we offer. That is because they have developed organically on the back of years of experience and they are now well-positioned to cover all of the requirements of demolition work. However, on the rare occasion that you have a demolition job for us that does not fit under the umbrella service terms that we offer, we are very happy to discuss the possibility of bespoke services. We are versatile and we have all the necessary skills to work with flexibility as well as efficiency. Just give us a call here at Alexandria Demolition!

    About Us

    We have been operating for long enough to recognise that an important aspect of developing a great independent business is to build trust and respect in the community. Because of this, we have generated a two-pronged ethos that we work with every day. Firstly, great know-how and training. All of our staff are knowledgeable and we never skimp on the qualifications. Secondly, great customer service. We like to see our job as a passion rather than a duty. Part of that is building great customer relationships everytime. Alexandria Demolition is the place to go for professionalism with a smile.

    still shot of our heavy demolition equipment in alexandria va


    No, it is not all dust and trucks! Well, in a way it is but the truth is that excavation is a complicated process that requires professionalism and expertise to pull off. We deal with road repair, draining, sewer reconstruction and many, many other types of sites. Get in touch today or read the excavation page on our site for more details.

    Residential Demolition

    We know how important your homes are to you. Therefore, we always try our very best to keep you in the loop at every step of the way in the event of a home demolition. Usually required because of fire damage or other damage that has made the building uninhabitable, we are there to do a job well done if you give us a call.

    heavy equipment demolishing a building in alexandria va
    demolition equipment deconstructing a commercial building in alexandria va

    Commercial/ Industrial Demolition

    Both of these services are difficult but for different reasons. If you hire us at Alexandria Demolition and you are a commercial body, rest assured that we understand the process and we will be professional throughout. For industrial jobs, we are ready with the equipment and the manpower to tackle whatever is put in front of us. Read the relevant page for more details.

    Government Demolition

    We understand the different responsibilities and challenges faced by doing projects for government bodies and rest assured we have the experience and the know-how to make a reliable contractor for any public body. ‘Red tape’ is a part of the job we relish and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Therefore, we are a trusted choice for government contracts.

    Alexandria demolition equipment removing debris from a government job site
    demolition equipment cleaning up a job site after successful demolition job

    Demolition Cost

    There are no simple, blanket costs for demolition projects. Please read this section of our website for more details about how this works.

    Building Demolition

    This is a great web page for explaining exactly how demolition works and the different ways that it can be achieved. If you want to know more, head on over!

    heavy equipment knocking down a building in alexandria va

    Contact Us For More Information

    If you are fed up with speaking to automated message responses when you try to get in touch with a company then you’ll be happy to know that at Alexandria Demolition, you will always be answered by a real person with real, expert advice. Our team is highly trained in customer service skills and in dealing with all manner of enquiries. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today via a phone call or an email to let us know how we can help you. All of the contact details can be found right here on this website.

    We would be happy to hear from you at any time. New customers, clients with ongoing projects or even previous customers who would like to check in and find out what’s new, we look forward to hearing from you!

    heavy equipment engaging in excavation services in alexandria va

    “Demolitions can be a bit scary. That is what we thought when we needed to get rid of one of our out buildings. We didn’t know where to begin. Thankfully, a friend told us about Alexandria Demolition and we didn’t look back. They were professional, committed and supportive throughout the whole process. We would 100% recommend them to any of our friends and we would, of course, use them for any and all relevant future projects.” - Rick M.

    alexandria virginia's lead demolition contractor looking at the camera

    “We needed to find a good company to help us relocate and flatten the old site of our organisation. This is a long process and every step of the journey (including and especially demolition) needed to be dealt with in a clean and efficient way. That is exactly what we got from Alexandria Demolition. They did the work well and with a smile. We would go back to them for future work.” - Carrick K.

    backhoe loading demolition rubble in to a dump truck

    “If you need a site excavating then you should look no further. The men and women at Alexandria Demolition have a great attitude and top notch equipment. They will do the work on deadline and they will work with a positive air about them. The work was cheaper than expected and it took less time than we thought it would as well. 10/10.” - Mick P.