Building Demolition

To us, this is the real OG. This is what we are all here for. This is what people expect from a demolition company. At Alexandria demolition, it is our bread and butter, it is our passion and it is what we are built to do. But although it may sound basic, building demolition is a sweet science and a subtle art when it is done properly. It takes a lot of time to get right: preparation, execution and clear-up. That is why, not just anyone is able to start up a demolition company, like they could with a carwash service or a mediocre food stall.

No, sir. We take our job very seriously and we have enough experience in the field to understand that it requires a level of skill and practical knowledge that can only be achieved by putting the hard work in beforehand.

So, to clear up any more uncertainty, if you want to learn more about how building demolition works, then keep reading. There are several different ways to skin a cat and, similarly, there are several different ways to bring that building down. Let us run you through them to avoid any confusion:


We will start with the main headliner: implosion. It is the classic kind of demolition you will have seen footage of at one point or another. Explosives that are laid with the utmost care are used to break the building’s vertical supports and cause it to collapse on itself. Detonation and the positioning of the explosives are key to success here.

A blueprint is drawn up of the building structure and the explosives are set, detonated at the right time and then the collapsed rubble can be contained to an area where it won’t cause damage. This method is used a lot for tall buildings in urban areas.

The ‘high-reach arm’ version of demolition is used on buildings that are very tall. It is similar except that the building is imploded at the same time as being broken apart from the top down.

Wrecking Ball

This is the classic in crane and ball demolition. For obvious reasons, it must be performed by experienced crane operators. It requires smoothness and precision and creates a lot of noise and dust. The key thing with this technique is to really think about space and about being able to get the crane into the correct place.

Selective Demolition

Lastly, selective demolition is a way of demolishing buildings bit by bit. The various benefits of this process include the time and ability to recycle elements of a building and to selectively demolish the exterior and the interior of different structures. It is a technique that is growing in popularity because of the capacity to recover a maximum amount of reusable materials. The only problem is that it is time consuming and taxing.

That is why you need a company like Alexandria Demolition to take on the task. Get in touch today to build a great relationship.


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