Commercial/Industrial Demolition

Commercial demolition comes with a whole new set of requirements. Basically defined, this is where we do a demolition job for a commercial company. It can range from anything between old schools and hospitals to theme park buildings! It is normally done for one of two reasons. Firstly, the building may have become unusable for one reason or another. It is no longer fit for purpose and needs to come down. The second reason could be that the building is built in a very old style which no longer fits the ethos and the brand-image of the company. We get this a lot with post-war builds that have completely lost their beauty.

Industrial demolition is slightly different again. Here, we are faced with still more complicated projects that demand a lot of preparation and close planning. But, that is OK, we are always ready for that. It is defined by the demolition or part-demolition of a building that exists in an industrial area. Some of the problems that this represents are as follows: we have to be very conscious that often these projects will be executed in areas where ongoing work is happening. This work either needs to be stopped as the area is cordoned-off for demolition, which requires a lot of administration work, or the workers need to be instructed on how to operate safely in the area, with hardhats and specific forbidden areas etc.

Secondly, when working in industrial areas, we are often demolishing buildings like abandoned factories and treatment plants. Therefore, another dimension to this work is the surveying and inspecting of these buildings to make sure there are no damaging materials that are left on site when demolition occurs.

Getting The Best Contractor

Here at Alexandria Demolition, we feel like we have the best team to take on these types of jobs. We understand the differences between them and we have the experience to feel confident in the face of these challenges. The stakes are high here and you need a contractor that you can trust to do the job properly. We are always fully licensed and audited. We use standardized and workable machinery whether it is a small digger or a leased crane or cherry picker. All of the paperwork will be taken care of by as and you just have to sit tight whilst we prepare and turn up fully ready to work hard and get the job done.


As you will be able to gather, the clean up challenge after these tasks are finished can be quite hefty. Depending on the project, we can take care of this and if an outside task force needs to be brought in for this final step, we can certainly advice and help to book them in order to give you a clean site once the demolition is complete. Whatever you want to do with it next - rebuild, sell, repurpose - we will help to make sure that the site is in the necessary condition to work for your next move.


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