Demolition Cost

But, how much does it cost, man! We hear you cry. Well over the years, the cost has, thankfully gone down quite a bit relative to the general impression there is of demolition work. It is big work and it makes a large noise. Therefore, people think it will cost a queen’s ransom everytime. We can understand why there is this impression out there. After all, we are demolishing buildings, sometimes very large buildings, and that comes with a price tag. But, the truth is, demolition costs tend to vary quite a lot depending on many, many factors. There are no set costs in this industry, for the obvious reason that each job is incredibly different from the last and the next. Therefore, each project we take on has a bespoke costing system that has to be agreed upon between the contractor (Alexandria Demolition), and the client (you!).

How to Determine Cost?

Well, firstly, this is probably not something you would be able to guess on your own. That is because the costs vary from the first step to the last one. The preparation stage includes costings that need to be worked out before you even get to the demolition stage. For example, the requirements of the area in terms of health and safety and the restrictions that are imposed by the location will lead to a variety of different preparation measures, each with different time-scales, manpower and workloads. The project size is the next thing to consider once you have assessed the accessibility of the site.

This is the inspection of the scope of the work. It includes a detail of which time of material is being demolished which controls the power of the blast. Wood, concrete, brick: they all require different levels of power to bring down safely and the foundation types are important as well. Then, once the demolition is complete, the hauling and disposal of the remnants will, of course, incur different fees. We might have to look at subcontracting at this stage and if hazardous materials are included, the price tag changes. Finally, environmental concerns do come into play. If you are looking to recycle and transport materials, we need to draw up separate plans for that, too.

However, it is not all bad news. Luckily, all of the costings are carried out by our in house team and they will be fully explained to you for your approval before any work begins. Also, many of the service types have become cheaper over the years, relative to inflation because of technological advancement and decreased manpower.

You will understand, therefore, that it would be improper to disclose pricing examples here on this site. However, if you want to put in a request for a quote, please feel free to get in touch with us whenever you can. Via telephone or email, we are very happy to hear from new customers at any time. All of the contact details can be found right here on this site.


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