It’s like a real life toy digger set! That is what some people like to say when they see us work. Although we absolutely love comments like this (they bring us back to our childhoods and they reveal the psychology behind our career paths!) we do want to explain that it is much more complicated than it looks. The truth is, most jobs that we do are mammoth tasks. They require lots of preparation, planning and they need to be carried out with a precision and a poise that only comes from years of experience in the field. Luckily, at Alexandria Demolition, we have the skills and the experience to pull it off without a hitch every time!

Besides, we like the dirty work. Where most people see mounds of dirt and piles of rubble, we see a map of avenues and gradients for picking up, transporting and managing the material that needs to be shifted! Our excavation services can be utilized for residential as well as commercial projects and we have the manpower and the equipment to pull off either job. But it is about much more than just moving dirt around.

As you will see if you carry on reading, excavation contractors like us have to manage responsibilities that include site preparation, grading, trenching and all manner of health and safety as well as hazard perception tasks both before, during and after the job gets done.


The first step of this process is the boring one. But it is also very very necessary. It concerns surveying and site preparation. A team will come down, take measurements if necessary and generally learn how the site can be best utilized. This shouldn’t take long but it has to be done properly. Then, once a plan has been agreed upon, we will run it past you, the client, and once we have agreed, the real work can begin.

We will determine the lot boundaries, draw the lines, scoop dirt until the right heights and gradients are reached, then we will make sure that it is all compact and firm.

Dig For Victory!

Depending on the equipment that we need to lease, which doesn’t happen always but can sometimes be necessary, we are able to perform many digging and dirt-moving tasks. Road building, road repair, pond creation, sewage work, ditches and drainage… the list goes on!
The point is, we are ready for any situation and we are happy to take on new challenged. On every job that we do, we are of course, also ready to do a proper clean up job after the work has been done. We want to make it so that you are able to get on with your daily lives like normal as soon as possible.

So, for all of your excavation needs, look no further than Alexandria demolition. We have what it takes to get the job done and to leave behind happy customers every time. Give us a call or an email today!


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