Government Demolition

Some organisations seem to have the wrong impression of government contact work. There is a notion out there that this kind of work includes a lot of red tape that comes with it, making the job more tiresome and difficult to complete. However, things like budgeting remain the same no matter who the client is. For us, a tight budget and a list or requirements for that budget are always the same no matter the job. Then, if we think about regulation for a second, the idea that an agency would have more leeway when it comes to commercial jobs rather than government projects is a bit of a misnomer.

Demolition work always has to be heavily regulated and very well prepared and planned. If it is not, that is when it becomes a bit dangerous and a little bit underhand. Therefore, no matter that job that we do, government or otherwise, we stick to high standards and very high levels of preparation. Demolition is all the same to us: it has to be done with intelligence and meticulous planning. Only then is it a professional and serious project.


Over the years, we have gathered enough experience to be confident in taking on tasks of any size. We are always fully licensed and ready to go. If we need to apply subcontracts for parts of the job (cleaning, safety or clearing) then we have the contacts to do that. We often work in partnership with others and we are part of a network of trusted and respected contractors. We know that you wouldn’t expect anything less so neither would we. Lastly, our equipment is, of course, fully-functional and standardized.

Or, if we need to lease larger vehicles and appliances for particular jobs, we always do that along the proper channels with the correct paperwork. At Alexandria Demolition, we run a tight ship - there isn’t any room for oversights here.

Government Work

However, we do understand that there is a heightened level of responsibility placed on government agencies and departments who hire contractors. If there is a problem, especially one that costs a lot of money or damages property, we understand that the government will bear a lot of the brunt of that. But you don’t have to worry with us - we are an environmentally conscious company who fully tests our plans before we do the work.

Asbestos, insulation materials and lead paint work is always identified beforehand and removed safely before general demolition. Finally, in this day and age we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious. Therefore, we will always draw up plans to recycle materials and repurpose the rubble as it were. Our carbon footprint is generally decent and we aim to lower it in the years to come.

Therefore, Alexandria Demolition is the company for you. We are a respected organisation that any public office or body would be happy to work with. Our foolproof planning and environmental consciousness make us the perfect partner for government demolition projects.


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