Residential Demolition

We know, we know. Our homes are very important to us. We spend so much time in them and they are often created with a lot of love and care. Therefore, when it comes to residential demolition, sometimes it can be a tough experience. In every case, we make sure that they customer is ready and happy for the work to be done and we are with them at every step of the way. However, not all of our customers require full-house demolition. Often it can just be a conservatory or a bathroom or an extension. In these cases, as you can imagine, the work done needs to be meticulously prepared and executed with precision.

Damaged Properties

The majority of residential demolition though, takes place because, for one reason or another, a house has become inhabitable. There could have been a fire or some severe damage from a natural disaster that has sufficiently damaged the property to the extent that it cannot be repaired. Or that it is easier to bring it down and start again rather than tinker with it in a weak state. In these cases, the job becomes simpler, but it still requires a great deal of care in order to bring the house or property down in one go and to make sure that no damage is being done to the area during the process.

Steps of Residential Demolition

Here at Alexandria Demolition, we have developed quite a consistent step by step process that should cover most of the residential demolition tasks that we perform:

Firstly, we do environmental inspections. We have to ensure that no hazardous materials are presents. To obtain a demolition permit on an area this is normally a legal requirement. You’d be surprised, but many areas in North America have some wastage in the soil which either makes it weak or makes it a bit hazardous should it escape from under the ground. Therefore a check is needed. It is usually fine, but we have to check.

But there is more than just minerals in the soil. Nowadays we are so developed as a society that the soil under a house can contain all manner of wires, pipes and connectives for appliances. Therefore, we have to locate them and disconnect them. In terms of service providers - if necessary they need to be contacted in order to disconnect on their end and then the work can continue uninterrupted and without the fear of further damage being done.

Once the permit is obtained and everyone is happy, the work goes ahead. We always pay attention to health and safety precautionary measures and we perform the job to the agreed deadline. Then, if possible, we will look at recycling and transporting the waste to where it can be reused. In this day and age, that is always a central concern. If a contractor does not include this in their proposal, or an attempt at this, then they are not managing their footprint properly. We are a conscious company and we want to remain that way.


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